About this site

The Big Facts project is led by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

This website presents a set of robust facts and figures on climate change, agriculture and food security. They are based on the best scientific knowledge available at the time of publication – and therefore range from general qualitative statements to more specific quantitative data. Full sources are supplied for all facts and figures.

The intended audience is well-informed readers who are not full-time scientific researchers in this field. This website is intended as a source for fact-checking–it offers scientifically reliable facts and figures amid the range of claims that appear in reports, advocacy materials and other sources.

We are well aware that this field is progressing rapidly, and that science is always open for re-evaluation. We welcome your suggestions for improvements, updates and corrections at ccafs@cgiar.org.


Project leaders: Simon Bager, Bruce Campbell, Sonja Vermeulen

Contributing researchers: Simon Bager, Cheng Peng, Laura Pereira, Subaskar Sitsabeshan, Sonja Vermeulen

Peer reviewers: Douglas Beare, Bruce Campbell, Ngonidzashe Chirinda, Tara Garnett, Andy Jarvis, Bruno Locatelli, Henry Neufeldt, Philip Thornton, Sonja Vermeulen, Lini Wollenberg

Communications manager: Vanessa Meadu

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