Postdoctoral position in Sustainability and leakage in beef & soy supply chains in South America

Expiration date

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Company / Organization

Chalmers University of Technology - Department of Space, Earth and Environment
This postdoctoral position focuses on understanding the role that agricultural commodity supply chain sustainability initiatives, such as certification schemes, moratoria, voluntary corporate commitments and government regulations, play in reducing the clearance of forests and in other ecosystems in the tropics.

The aim of the postdoctoral project is to contribute to the understanding of the effectiveness of interventions aimed at improving the sustainability of supply chains for beef and soybeans in South America, with a particular focus on the role of supply chain actors and the risk of leakage effects (i.e., that efforts to improve sustainability of production and trade in in specific places may result in increased environmental impacts and illegal activities elsewhere, whether through displacement of specific landowners and land-uses or through market effects).

This research will be both supported by, and contribute to, the development of a new web based platform and associated research program, Transparency for Sustainable Economies – Trase. Trase presents a radically new approach to support decision makers and other actors in the implementation and monitoring of existing initiatives and commitments to decrease deforestation and increase sustainability of global supply chains of agricultural commodities. The work of Trase is led by the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Global Canopy Programme and is supported by Chalmers University and a growing number of other research institutions, governments and private and civil society actors. This gives the postdoc the possibility to link to a broad international research network and contribute towards a new frontier of research and practice in supply chain transparency and sustainability. The postdoc position is placed at the division of Physical Resource Theory, one of five divisions within the Department of Space, Earth and Environment.

Position summary
Full-time temporary employment. The position is limited to a maximum of two years (1+1), but there is a potential for continuation within the project after these two years.

We are looking for an ambitious, independent researcher with a genuine interest and curiosity in the subject matter, and a passion for connecting their research to sustainability practice and policy. To qualify you must hold a PhD degree in a field relevant to the research project (e.g., land use science, geography, environmental science, economics). Excellent analytical and communication skills in English are required, as is proficiency in Portuguese and/or Spanish. Experience from field work and/or work experience in the region and in the supply chains of relevance is desirable. 

How to apply:

Submit your application, curriculum vitaem, a personal letter, academic qualifications and contact information for two references.

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