Terms of Reference

CGIAR Climate Change Contact Points from each Center have been established to interact with the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). They have been selected by Centers.


  1. Integration of CCAFS activities: Working with CCAFS Flagship Leaders and Regional Program Leaders to ensure appropriate linkages between CCAFS and Center activities.
  2. Coordination with other CGIAR Centers: Engage to ensure effective cross-Center collaboration on CCAFS.
  3. Work plan and budget development:
    1. Participate in CCAFS annual planning and in ex ante priority setting exercises, and work with Center scientists and financial staff to develop the Center’s activity plan and budget for the following year.
    2. Coordinate among scientists in the Center to share communications from CCAFS and organize and ensure timely delivery of Center inputs to CCAFS.
  4. Implementation: Be the link for CCAFS to the Center and its responsibility to carry out CCAFS-related activities as per the Annual Activity Plan, including facilitating or encouraging cross-centre collaboration where suggested or opportune and moving from outputs to outcomes and impact.
  5. Annual technical report: Coordinate with Center scientists to ensure timely delivery of Center annual technical report for CCAFS.
  6. Scientific progress: Participate in at least one meeting per year of the CGIAR Climate Change Contact Points to undertake shared critical review of scientific progress and identify emerging opportunities for policy impact and research coordination, bringing in and sharing the perspectives of Center scientists and ensuring that meeting outcomes are shared with Center scientists and other relevant stakeholders.
  7. Data sharing, publications and communications: Ensure appropriate data sharing, communications, dissemination and branding of Center/CCAFS activities, publications and results in line with the provisions in the Program Participant Agreement.
  8. Centre management: Liaising with the Center on management and administrative issues as appropriate.
  9. Integration with other CGIAR Research Programs: Assist, where feasible, with helping CCAFS link with other CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs).

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