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Terms of Reference of CGIAR Climate Change Contact Points

CCAFS Climate Change Contact Points (CPs) from each CGIAR Center have been established to interact with the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). They have been selected by Centers. 

The role of the Contact Point will primarily be strategic, in delivering input to CCAFS. CCAFS will allocate an annual budget of 60,000 USD to each Contact Point, expecting delivery on the below responsibilities:


  1. Strategy. Provide strategic inputs to CCAFS from their Center’s perspective, related to new research findings, research directions, engagement strategies, outcome achievement and management. This will generally include one physical meeting per year with CCAFS management, as well as 2-3 webinars annually. CCAFS values the perspectives of Contact Points and expects Contact Points to have a strategic vision related to climate change and agriculture, and the direction CCAFS is taking.
  2. Delivery of strategic science products. Contact points are expected to deliver at least one strategic product per year, which could be a synthesis journal paper, policy brief, etc. In addition and through interaction with other participants in CCAFS help deliver integrated strategic products.
  3. Strategic relationship building. Deliver strategic input from Centers by identifying persons who can capably assist in building and maintaining relationships with donors and partners.
  4. CCAFS as an Integrative CRP. Help facilitate two-way flow of information between CCAFS and other CRPs in the Centre, including identifying opportunities to build synergies and provide feedback to CCAFS Core Team.
  5. Support to implementation. Act as a coordinator for Center scientists involved with CCAFS, involving, where appropriate: organising meetings of Center scientists at Center retreats, gathering inputs from Center scientists where needed; building up the portfolio of bilateral projects linked to CCAFS; following progress of implementation of projects, including related to planning and reporting; ensuring appropriate communication between CCAFS management and Center activities.
  6. Fundraising. In Phase II CCAFS has set a target for all partners receiving CCAFS funds to raise 200% W1 W2 funds in W3 and bilateral. Contact Points are expected to assist Center Scientists and others on opportunities and help build the bilateral portfolio, e.g. also by aligning bilateral funding that is currently not aligned.

Furthermore, we will ask for a brief annual report of ½ - 1 page.