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CIAT, the CGIAR Lead Center

The Lead Center for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) is the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) based in Cali, Colombia.

The CGIAR Lead Center is the main contracting body for CCAFS. Centers wishing to lead CCAFS were asked to prepare an Expression of Interest (EOI). Five such EOIs were received and were evaluated by the Challenge Program Steering Committee. On this basis CIAT was selected as the Lead Center.

The Lead Center will sign the performance contract for CCAFS with the Consortium Board, and sign the sub-contracts with Participating Centers/Partners. The Lead Center Board Chair and Director-General will report to the Consortium Board on CCAFS as a whole, including annual financial and progress report in relation to the performance contract signed between the Consortium Board and the Lead Center.

Ultimately, the Lead Center Board will have authority over all CCAFS management policies. CCAFS activities will be reported by the respective Centers in their audited financial statements. The CCAFS coordinating unit will prepare consolidated financial statements for review by the Program Management Committee and ISC. The Lead Center will coordinate the audit assurance work required by the performance agreement with the Consortium.

The Lead Center Board will appoint the CCAFS Independent Steering Committee (ISC) through the nomination process described above. The Lead Center will be represented on the ISC through an observer from its Center Board, its Director-General will appoint and supervise the Program Director, and it will have one representative on the Program Management Committee. The Lead Center will have the right to review all decisions made in CCAFS in respect to potential legal, financial or reputational risks that such decisions may pose, and communicate its concerns through the appropriate channels. In the first instance, the Lead Center will communicate its concerns with the Program Director. In cases where resolution is not found the Chair of the ISC will be engaged. Failing resolution the Lead Center Board will be approached for its decision.

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