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Program Management Committee

Terms of Reference

The Program Management Committee (PMC) assists in implementing the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

The PMC comprises the Program Director (Chair) and five individuals in the program drawn from the Flagship Leaders and Regional Program Leaders (four Flagship Leaders and one Regional Program Leader). Changes can be made by the Program Director, in consultation with the Chair of the Independent Steering Committee (ISC), so that the composition reflects how research priorities shift over time.

The PMC meets monthly via video conference, and meets in person at least twice a year in parallel with the ISC meetings. The PMC interacts with the ISC at the regular meetings of the ISC.

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  1. To ensure coherence across Centers, CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs), Flagships, Regions and partners through strategic planning, and reporting at the CCAFS level.
  2. To ensure outcomes and impact through the development of a research program that interfaces appropriately with key stakeholders on the impact pathways.
  3. To build communication and outreach mechanisms that ensure that CCAFS meets its strategic target of being the go to place for information on climate change, agriculture and food security.
  4. To deliver on partnerships for ensuring that the research activities are undertaken and high quality outputs are produced; including ensuring that the work addresses the gender and diversity goals of CCAFS.
  5. To deliver on partnerships and networking for ensuring that the research is user driven and feeds into on-going processes.
  6. To implement capacity enhancement activities that meet the goals of CCAFS.
  7. To build relationships with funding agencies and raise resources for the program.
  8. To manage appropriate partner and staff inputs into CCAFS.
  9. To interact with the ISC as appropriate.
  10. To help build a well-functioning and efficient CCAFS management collaboration.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The PMC approved a PMC conflict of interest policy at its meeting in Rome, Italy on 10 October 2013. Click to view