Brian Keating

Director of CSIRO Sustainable Agriculture Flagship, Chair CCAFS ISP
Independent Steering Committee
+61 7383 3563 2


Dr. Brian Keating leads CSIRO’s Sustainable Agriculture Flagship, which is addressing the critical challenges ahead for Australian agriculture and forestry in a carbon constrained world. Research is focussed on reducing the carbon footprint of Australia’s land use whilst achieving the productivity gains needed for prosperous agricultural and forest industries and global food security. The $65 million Flagship research portfolio draws on the skills of multidisciplinary science teams and develops partnerships with a diverse range of research, industry and government institutions across Australia and internationally.
He is a graduate of the University of Queensland, with a background in agricultural science and a PhD in crop eco-physiology. His personal research career, spanning 30 years, has focused on farming systems analysis, design and management. His research has addressed water, nutrient and climate risk management in a diverse range of farming systems in Australia and semi-arid Africa.