Bui Tan Yen

Postdoctoral Fellow
Science Officer
+63 2580 5600

Bui Tan Yen joined CCAFS-Southeast Asia as a science officer in September 2014. His main task is to coordinate CCAFS activities at Climate-Smart Villages (CSVs) in the region. 

Yen has previously worked at the Soil and Fertilizer Research Institute of Vietnam. During 18 years working on agriculture and rural development, he joined many international and national projects and gathered good experiences in many fields, such as soil and fertilizer science, GIS application, computer-based modelling, programming, land evaluation and land use planning. He contributed a number of national and international publications in these fields.

Yen earned his BS and MSc degree in Soil Science from Hanoi Agriculture University. He obtained his PhD from Wageningen University in 2013, the Netherlands and now focuses more on participatory and integrated research approaches. 


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