Meryl Richards

Science Officer for Low Emissions Development
Science Officer
+1 8026 5608 90

Meryl Richards is an agroecologist who joined CCAFS in January 2013 as a Science Officer for the CCAFS Flagship on Low Emissions Agriculture. She received her B.A. (2005) and B.E. (2006) degrees in Environmental Engineering from Dartmouth College, USA. Her dissertation in the Agroecology and Rural Livelihoods Group at the University of Vermont was titled "Agrobiodiversity, conservation, and food security among small-scale coffee farmers in El Salvador."

Her research experience and interests center around synergies and trade-offs between food security and environmental conservation in smallholder agriculture, as well as measurement of GHG emissions from agriculture. She has a particular interest in agroforestry systems and has conducted research in Central America and West Africa.

Some recent publications

Richards MB & Méndez VE (2014). Interactions between carbon sequestration and shade tree diversity in a smallholder coffee cooperative of El Salvador. Conservation Biology 28(2): 489-97.

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