New field manual captures farmers' climate adaptation activities in Colombia

Also available in Español
A new visual field manual captures ongoing adaptation and mitigation activities carried out by farmers in Cauca in Colombia. Photo: N. Palmer
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Our gender team based at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) recently came out with a new field manual in Spanish, which is a visual summary of local climate adaptation and mitigation activities in Río Las Piedras, Cauca in Colombia.

The field manual is a compilation of 19 different agricultural adaptation and mitigation practices carried out in the Río Las Piedras watershed region.

Many of the practices are already being implemented on farms in the region, while others have been identified by the community as suitable and potentially beneficial to agricultural production.

The manual is intended to be a dynamic toolbox for researchers, local extension agents, farmers and others to spread information about these ongoing practices, and highlight the various advantages and disadvantages of each practice from the perspective of practicing farmers.

The full announcement can be found on the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) blog: CCAFS Gender Team Launches New Field Manual'

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A Spanish version of the manual can be found here: