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Nurturing research new talent in agriculture, climate change and food security

Nov 2, 2010



Julian Ramirez, a PhD student from the University of Leeds, reflects on his research on adaptation of African and Asian agriculture to climate change over the coming decades.

The importance of adaption of agriculture to changing conditions has been depicted as the most important issue for human sustainability. Not only the IPCC, but every single author in the scientific literature depicts agriculture as one of the key sectors under the context of climate change. Throughout the world, agriculture is not only part of the problem, but also part of the solution. Increasing the market supplies to feed a growing demand (i.e. from a growing population) for agricultural goods, coping with pest and disease outbreaks, maintaining land suitability and soil productivity, improving management practices, are some of the key points in which most (if not all) the agriculture-related scientists are working in.