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COP22 side event: Common challenges, common solutions: Collective actions to enhance resilience of South East Asian agriculture

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Event Date and time


Thai Pavilion

Climate actions in the agriculture sector are a priority for ASEAN member states (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam). This has been highlighted through joint regional submissions to the SBSTA, as well as in member states’ INDCs.

This side event will:

  • Articulate regional and national priorities for climate action in the agricultural sector
  • Showcase regional and national level actions to address priorities, including through South-South cooperation mechanisms
  • Develop partnerships with relevant organizations and networks to further scale out climate actions in the region

Representative from Thai Delegation

Welcome, event objectives, introduction to speakers

Dr Sonja Vermeulen, CCAFS

Presentation: The economic case for investing in agricultural adaptation

High level session: Regional and national efforts to enhance resilience of South East Asian agriculture

Dr Chu Van Chuong, Vietnam

Regional priorities and efforts

Dr. Thanda Kyi

National priorities and efforts in Myanmar

Dr. Margaret Yoovatana

National priorities and efforts in Thailand

Mr. Prak Thaveak Amida

National priorities and efforts in the Cambodia

Experience in adaptation actions to enhance resilience

Mrs Pimpan Diskul na Ayudhaya

Thailand Experience: Promoting self-sufficient rural community (Mae Fa Luang Foundation)

Panel discussion: Partnerships to enhance resilience of South East Asian agriculture

Format: Moderated ‘Chat show’

Mr Pham Quang Huy

Introduction to panelists and objectives

Ms Imelda Bacudo, GIZ

Dr Sonja Vermeulen, CCAFS

World Business Council on Sustainable Development (TBC)


How are partners supporting actions in the region?

Moderated Q&A with the audience

Dr Chu Van Chuong

Final remarks and wrap up

The event is organized by the ASEAN Climate Resilience Network.

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