COP23 side event: Is sustainable land and water management compatible with small-scale farming under climate change?

Event Date and time


Meeting room 9, Bonn zone

Climate change adaptation in agriculture will be driven by growing pressure on water and land. Solutions include early-maturing, robust and water-efficient root and tuber crops, better water management, mechanisms to protect land rights and organize farmers, and an enabling policy environment.



Welcome, side event objectives, introduction to speakers

Giriraj Amarnath (IWMI)

Opening presentations: Is Sustainable Land and Water Management Compatible with Small-scale Farming?


Can non-GMO climate-smart crops alone sustain small-scale farming?

Jan Low (CIP)


Innovations in water management for agriculture: New pathways, future challenges

Alan Nicol (IWMI)


Mechanisms to protect land rights and organize farmers

Theo de Jager (WFO)


A supporting enabling environment in Africa, including role of credit/savings for small-scale farming

James Kinyangi (AfDB)


Moderated Q&A with the audience


Final remarks and wrap up

Dhanush Dinesh (CCAFS)

This event is part of the Agriculture advantage: the case for climate action in agriculture, an initiative and collaboration effort between different organizations with the mission to transform agricultural development in the face of climate change. Click here to see the series of events at COP23.

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