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Biodiversity recognized for role in climate fight

Farmers in Ethiopia winnowing orange lentils. Certain crop varieties may be pre-adapted to future climate conditions. Photo: Tsega Wolday/Bioversity International/Seeds for Needs project.
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Ago 1, 2011



At the recent FAO meeting of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA), CGIAR Climate researcher Andy Jarvis stressed that exchange of genetic resources (one of the CGRFA's key concerns) will be an essential aspect of the adaptation of agriculture to climate change.

Jarvis, based at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), was speaking at a special information seminar on climate change and genetic resources for food and agriculture. Read our summary of the session, including a video interview with Dr. Jarvis. The Earth Negotiations Bulletin has also produced a detailed summary.

The event was successful not only in raising participants' awareness of the important links between genetic resources, food security and climate change adaptation, but also in pushing the Commission to move ahead with a roadmap on climate change and genetic resources for food and agriculture that will guide its future work in the area. The delegates agreed,

"the Commission recognizes the relevant role that GRFA play for adaptation to the consequences of climate change in supporting the efforts to achieve food security now and in the future. The GRFA have also a potential to contribute to mitigation of climate change."

The roadmap will focus on climate-change specific research, capacity building, communication and dissemination activities, and partnerships.

The special climate change seminar also highlighted how agricultural ministries and ministries of foreign affairs, economics or the environment must work together to raise the profile of genetic resources in food and agriculture in the context of climate change, by developing coherent and integrated positions on this issue.


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