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Media coverage on key actions for food security in the face of climate change

Among its recommendations, the Commission calls for more efficient production and more market opportunities for boosting smallholders' resilience. Photo: Gates Foundation.
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Nov 27, 2011



On 16 November, the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change released its recommendations on transforming the food system in the face of climate change. The story was picked up worldwide, in countries including Brazil, Canada, France, Poland, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, USA, and Australia.

In addition, the story generated interesting articles in a number of high profile outlets, including a number of interviews with Commissioners

VOA News Africa broadcast a story on Ensuring Food Security, Tackling Climate Change. Radio Australia spoke to Australian Commissioner Dr. Megan Clark about Urgent action needed on food security.

Guardian Global Development interviewed Sir John Beddington, and noted that Agriculture needs massive investment to avoid hunger, while Nature News highlighted that the upcoming UN Climate Conference in Durban must Clean up farming. NewScientist asked Just how much meat can eco-citizens eat? as climate threats loom, which prompted the International Livestock Research Institute to publish a piece on Credible figures for livestock emissions of greenhouse gases. spoke to Kenyan Commissioner Judi Wakhungu about the 'conflict' in agricultural research between trying to reduce GHG emissions vs. intensifying agriculture. French Commissioner Marion Guillou blogged about the Commission's recommendations and challenged policy makers to take them up (en francais). In Australia The Age spoke to Dr. Megan Clark about putting food security on the menu, and The Earth Times called for policy makers to 'act now'.

Next week, Commission chair Sir John Beddington will share the recommendations with key decision leaders and over 500 participants at Agriculture and Rural Development Day in Durban. If you can't join in person, be sure to follow the Agriculture Day blog, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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Learn more about the Commission and its work, and download the Summary for Policy Makers (PDF).