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Portrait of a CCAFS Theme Leader as a Young Man

CCAFS Theme Leader Andy Jarvis. Photo: N. Palmer, CIAT.
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Mar 18, 2011




Andy Jarvis, Theme Leader at CCAFS and scientist in CIAT's Decision and Policy Analysis Program is featured in the "Growing Talents: Youth in Agriculture" series by the CGIAR's ICT-KM program

He speaks of his passion for mapping biodiversity and climate change, as well as his role in ensuring that all of the 15 individual agricultural research centres in the CGIAR work together on climate change.

Says Jarvis:

“Once we have all the Centers working together for a number of years, we should be producing technologies and more knowledge about how agriculture can stand up to the challenges of climate change. At the same time, research on the ground should be showing that we have the agricultural knowhow to get the right solutions to smallholder farmers. Our responsibility as scientists right now is tremendous.”

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