All projects, regions and flagships under CCAFS, and CCAFS as a whole, have a responsibility to monitor and evaluate their management and progress towards outcomes and impacts.  

The figure below shows the “results chain”. Much of the CCAFS assessment work is designed to cover the link between research and outcomes, but there are also impact assessments and various kinds of reviews of management.

There are four different types of impact assessment studies that CCAFS utilizes:

Reviews conducted by donors, the consortium, auditors and the Internal Evaluation Arrangement (IEA)

CRP-Commissioned External Reviews (CCERs).

These are commissioned through the CCAFS Independent Science Panel (ISP) or CIAT Board

1) Management and governance review (2013)

2) Review of CCAFS Theme by region matrix management (2013)

3) Theme 3 review (2014)

Core Team Commissioned Reviews

They are commissioned by PMC, Theme Leaders, Regional Program Leaders and the Coordinating Unit

1) Theme and topic reviews

2) Reviews on CCAFS/Centre claims on outcome successes

Center-commissioned reviews, including impact studies as required by the contract between CIAT and participating Centres.