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“Dragons” urge youth to take the reins of power and solve forestry and agriculture problems- Forest News

LIMA, Peru—Young people in forestry don’t want to be thought of as the ‘future’ but be involved in important discussions and listened to in the present, was the message from a youth session at the Global Landscapes Forum in Lima, Peru

At the youth session, 100 young people under 30 – along with 50 senior professionals – divided into groups to discuss key issues in forestry and brainstorm innovative ideas for integrated land use.

The ‘dragons’ were Rachel Kyte from the World Bank, CIFOR’s Peter Holmgren, Paola Agostini from TerrAfrica, Andy Jarvis from CCAFS and CIAT, Brazilian UNFCCC negotiator Guilherme do Prado Lima, and Peruvian Ministry of Environment COP20 Youth Liaison officer Irene Hofmeijer Merkeli.