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Program for climate-smart livestock systems. Country stocktake: Uganda

This is one of a series of documents that summarises information relating to the livestock sector in the three Program for Climate-Smart Livestock Systems (PCSL) project countries (Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda). Prevailing livestock systems and their baseline performance in Uganda are summarised first, followed by a summary of what is known about the impacts of climate change on livestock production and livestock systems. Section 4 briefly summarises some recent research on adaptation and mitigation options for livestock systems in Uganda. Section 5 considers some of the work that has been done to date on projections for the livestock sector to the middle of the century. Section 6 considers the national livestock and climate change policy environment. The paper concludes with a consideration of system intervention points and major gaps in knowledge, to help guide project activities in Uganda.

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  • Thornton, Philip K.
  • Enahoro, Dolapo
  • Njiru, Nelly M.
  • Wijk, Mark T. van
  • Ashley, Laurie
  • Cramer, Laura
  • Ericksen, Polly J.
  • Graham, Michael



Citación correcta

Thornton P, Enahoro D, Njiru N, van Wijk M, Ashley L, Cramer L, Ericksen P, Graham M. 2019. Program for climate-smart livestock systems. Country stocktake: Uganda. ILRI Report. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.