Download Now! Actions to Transform Food Systems under Climate Change


The CCAFS Learning Platform on Partnerships and Capacity for Scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture aims to bring higher quality solutions to more farmers in the context of climate variability and change, and uncertainty about future climate conditions. To this end, the Learning Platform generates, translates, synthesizes and (re-)packages knowledge about climate-smart agriculture at the regional and global levels.

In addition, the Learning Platform aims to foster an enabling environment for the fast and equitable transmission of knowledge about climate-smart agriculture to millions of farmers and other key stakeholders in the rural world. To achieve this, the Learning Platform leverages partnerships, capacity enhancement, communications, knowledge management, and sustainable finance to achieve outcomes at scale.

Key areas of action include the following:

  1. Research and synthesis: Delivering demand-driven knowledge with respect to metrics, scalable approaches, more radical and innovative options, and best bets, by country and agro-ecological zone, in order to address knowledge needs of regional and global policy processes and partners. Learn more about CCAFS research.

  2. Partnerships: Working across CGIAR Centers and Research Programs to make connections among scientists and across ongoing research. Engaging key external  stakeholders in partnerships to facilitate linkages across sectors, scales, and places. Learn more about CCAFS’ approach to partnerships.

  3. Capacity enhancement: Providing options and tools so that the agricultural community—including research institutions, the private and public sectors, farmers’ organizations, and national and international agencies—can identify and implement appropriate solutions to climate change challenges. Learn more about CCAFS’ approach to capacity enhancement

  4. Communication and engagement: Working closely with diverse partners to facilitate knowledge sharing, connections and participation in decision making through global outreach. Learn more about CCAFS’ approach to communications and engagement

  5. Knowledge and data sharing: Increasing the accessibility, visibility and usability of scientific outputs by a global community, through processes for the capture and sharing of knowledge and information generated by CCAFS and its partners. Learn more about CCAFS’ approach to knowledge and data sharing

  6. Sustainable finance: Supporting innovative solutions that can remove barriers and increase climate investments in land-use—through strengthening capacities, generating cutting edge knowledge, developing and delivering demand-driven products and services and promoting innovative partnerships and collaboration. Learn more about CCAFS’ approach to sustainable finance.