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 CCAFS Knowledge and Data Sharing

The CCAFS Knowledge and Data Sharing team helps to establish processes for the capture and sharing of knowledge and information generated by the program, working closely with CCAFS partners and researchers worldwide.

Key functions include:

  • Coordinating multilateral collaboration with CCAFS data management focal points and the broader CGIAR community of scientific data management professionals.
  • Interacting with scientists in the CGIAR and with national research partners to support and mentor them on issues related to open access and data management
  • Supporting production and curation of high-quality reusable databases and datasets suitable for dissemination via CCAFS data portals.
  • Actively participating in management dialog in the CCAFS Program Management Unit, offering strategic advice on compliance with open access policy and standards.
  • Leading the development of MARLO (Managing Agricultural Research for Learning and Outcomes), an online platform assisting multiple CRPs in strategic, results-based management, planning and reporting of research programs. 

CCAFS aims to provide a “one-stop-shop” for the information and data products it generates, as well as to attract data contributions from scientists working in related areas even if not directly funded by CCAFS. With development outcomes in mind, the program seeks to increase accessibility, visibility and usability of scientific outputs by a global community. 

In accordance with the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy (OADM), CCAFS is mandated to produce international public goods and ensure that they are open via FAIR data principlesFindable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usableto enhance innovation, impact, and uptake. CCAFS has developed its Data Management Strategy (DMS) to enable the program to fulfil its obligations with respect to making information from and data products supporting documentation of its research globally available.

Key contacts

David Abreu
Knowledge and
Data Sharing Manager
   Héctor Tobón
   Technical Manager   
   for Knowledge and   
   Data Sharing
  Sebastián Amariles
  Multimedia Designer


Margarita Ramirez
Information Officer