Deissy Martínez Baron

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Regional Program Coordinator
Regional Program Leader
+57 2445 0000
Deissy is Ms.C. in Rural Development from the Javeriana University, in Bogotá, Colombia. she previously received her B.A. in International Relations and Political Affairs (2006) and in Economics (2008) from the Military University Nueva Granada (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada) in Bogotá.
Deissy’s professional career started as assistant researcher at the Military University in the Research Center of Economic Science, working in research projects related to economy, Colombian internal conflict and environment enhancing research skills and discipline.  After this experience, Deissy joined the National Administrative Department of Statistics to work in National Accounts and particularly in Satellite Account of Environment, which is meant to calculate the natural resources used in the national economy, as well as to establish the residuals used as raw materials in the productive processes.

Before joining CCAFS, Deissy was working at the Sustainable Environmental Development Deputy Directorate of the National Planning Department in the Study of Economic Impacts of Climate Change in Colombia developed by the Group of Climate Change. This study aims to calculate how the climate change will impact Colombian economy, in order to encourage the implementation of adaptation measures to climate change in the economic sectors to maintain their productivity without harming the environment.