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Climate roundup - 1-6 May 2011

mai 9, 2011




Climate news roundup

Each week we bring you the climate change stories that sparked our attention during the week, many of which have significant implications for agriculture and food security.

Including: Agriculture on the climate agenda, corruption and climate change; and traditional approaches to adaptation.

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Last week, the UNFCCC released the preliminary agenda (PDF) for the June SBSTA meeting, which includes consideration of a work programme on agriculture.   With the December UNFCCC meeting in mind, Jacob Zuma calls for climate action

Around the world

While experts muse if a disaster is needed for the US to act on climate change, tornadoes sweep across the South. Meanwhile the US halts spending on a national climate service and the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) quits.

Smallholders in Africa can become vibrant agricultural producers if given better access to technology, credit, transportation and markets say new reports. The Africa Progress Panel releases its 2011 report (PDF), noting positive economic outlook, but over-reliance on mineral exports. The new World Bank Strategy for Africa focuses on competitiveness and employment, and vulnerability and resilience. The Zambian government and African Development Bank put climate change in development plans

The Asian Development Bank contributes to regional development in Vietnam, and calls on Asia-Pacific Region to assume greater global responsibility for dealing with climate change. Meanwhile disaster-hit Japan will not cut aid to Africa.


Experts warn of possible climate disasters in coastal Nigeria and Caribbean islands fear uncertain climate will impact tourism. ASEAN ports must work together to counter impacts of climate change. Focus less on limited global temperature rise and more on reducing regional impacts, says Earth Systems expert.

Innovation and adaptation

Reliable weather info key for farmers says COMESA advisor. Kenyan pastoralists revive traditional practises to adapt to changing climate. Egypt’s organic food seduces the West and Egyptian farmers. The Philippine cooperative sector urged to join crusade for climate-resilient nation, green enterprises.


Carbon stocks in mangrove forests are important resource; can carbon credits be fair trade? And ethiopia trades carbon, not timber

Climate funds and finance

Transparency International report on global corruption and climate change: climate funds could bring new corruption risks. Meanwhile, Mexico’s use of "green" financing is questioned. Norway releases a Real-Time Evaluation of its International Climate and Forest Initiative. The ODI weighs in on leveraging private investment: the role of public sector climate finance.

New findings

IPCC releases Key Findings on renewable energy; Terrestrial Carbon Group delivers a compendium on capacity for Implementing Land Based Mitigation (PDF);  and a study finds growth in emission transfers via international trade from 1990 to 2008. Forest Trends publishes an overview of Nested Approaches to REDD+. Arctic ice melting faster than predicted says International Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program in new report; World Bank expresses concern.


The 19th session of the UN Commission on Sustainable  Development , 2-13 May, New York, NY

World Environmental World Resources Conference, 22-26 May, Palm Springs, CA

Tenth RRI Dialogue on Forests, Governance and Climate Change, 7-8 September, The Hague


Prince Charles speaks out on factory farming; and a water expert asks why humanity places so little value on water ($)

The climate roundup is compiled by Susan Buzzelli, IFPRI and edited by Vanessa Meadu, CCAFS.