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Bruce Campbell on the missing link between science and climate policy

How do we get science to policy? Photo: N. Palmer (CIAT)
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fév 10, 2011




Although scientists have come a long way in identifying the best practises for adapting agriculture to climate change, a significant gap remains for translating this into policy change.

CCAFS director Bruce Campbell pitches in with a guest article at IISD's Climate Change Policy and Practice website:

"The sheer variety of perspectives on the best ways to adapt agriculture to climate change and reduce emissions while boosting carbon storage in the soil has resulted in a confusing mix of messages, which are leading to inaction or, worse still, the wrong actions.

We need new approaches for sharing knowledge and tools between scientists and decision makers at all levels, including farmers and the organizations that represent them. The idea is to make science more comprehensible and to involve all key actors in decisions about how its results are interpreted and used."

Bruce points to the new international Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change that CCAFS is setting up this year, which plans to pull together concrete policy recommendations from the myriad of reports and research that already exists.

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