Through collaboration with the commodity-focused CGIAR Research Programs, CCAFS is helping to set the agenda for the next generation of climate-smart crops and animals. Likewise, collaboration with systems-focused CGIAR Research Programs is helping to bring about system-wide, as well as on-farm, adaptation.

Outside of CGIAR, the Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices team collaborates with major bilateral agencies facilitating CSA investment and implementation (starting with GACSA, African CSA Alliance, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,  World Bank, USAID IFAD, DFID) to develop the tools needed to prioritise, plan and bring CSA practices to scale across landscapes, countries, regions and  the globe.  Regional bodies involved in CSA implementation include Africa Union, NEPAD, ECOWAS, COMESA in Africa, APAN in SE Asia, CAC and IICA in LAM.

Flagship 1 also collaborate with the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, the University of Leeds, the University of Maine, University of Ireland-Galway and numerous local-level partners who play a pivotal role on the ground in Climate-Smart Villages.

These partners help us to develop the tools needed to prioritize, plan and bring climate-smart agricultural practices to scale across landscapes, countries, regions and the globe. Involving these partners directly in the formulation of research questions and generation of evidence on what works is a key strategy for achieving impact.