Outils, cartes, modèles et données

Plus de données, de modèles et d'outils sont disponibles sur la page de CIAT-GCM

A new era for food and climate: Driving transformative actions

Join us on 25 June 2020, for a global event to spark action to transform food systems to avert a food and climate crisis in the time of COVID-19. Watch the live stream here! View program and session details Download the Whova event app Live translation available for specific sessions (see below)  

MEL Support Pack

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Pack Welcome to the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Support Pack. This pack is designed to help with high quality and creation of standard, and reusable monitoring, evaluation and learning tools for research activities. It consists of documents, templates, links to recommended tools, different aspects of monitoring, evaluation and learning ranging from the overarching concepts, strategies through to the day-to-day and built-in activities.  The MEL Support Pack was initially created to support the implementation of CGIAR’s Research Program for CCAFS and has subsequently been expanded to the wider CGIAR Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning by its Community of Practice (MEL CoP).

Outil de programmation et d'indicateur AIC

L'outil de programmation et d'indicateurs de la CSA a été conçu pour répondre, à la fois, aux besoins de bons instruments de programmation et à celui de meilleures mesures de suivi des résultats et d'impact. L'outil permet aux multiples agences de développement et aux programmes axés sur l'agriculture de partager un cadre commun sur la façon dont ils traitent actuellement l'agriculture intelligente face au climat (AIC) et la façon dont ils peuvent rendre leur futur processus de programmation plus adapté au climat.

Gender and Inclusion Toolbox

An in-depth, ready-to-use guide for researchers and development practitioners to help uncover important gender and social differences in rural communities.

Gender tools

Overview of tools for gender and social inclusion research recommended by the CCAFS Gender and Social Inclusion Flagship.