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IMPACT modeling suite: examining alternative futures for global food supply

The IMPACT modeling suits allows us to weigh up alternative futures for tomorrow, today. Photo: N.Palmer (CIAT)
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The International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT) model is designed to examine alternative futures for global food supply, demand, trade, prices, and food security. It allows the provision of both fundamental, global baseline projections of agricultural commodity supply, demand, trade, prices and malnutrition outcomes. As a result, it is possible to make projections under plausible climate, population, and economic growth scenarios.

The solution of the system of equations seeks a world market prices for all commodities that satisfies market-clearing conditions for the sum of global net trade to equal zero. Source: IFPRI


IMPACT covers over 40 commodities, which account for virtually all of world food production and consumption, including all cereals, soybeans, roots and tubers, meats, milk, eggs, oils, meals, vegetables, fruits, sugar and sweeteners, and other foods in a partial equilibrium framework. It is specified as a set of 115 country-level supply and demand equations where each country model is linked to the rest of the world through trade.

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