CCAFS allies with the World Benchmarking Alliance

CCAFS is thrilled to ally with the World Benchmarking Alliance in a crucial year for food systems and the climate.

Our food systems are increasingly under pressure due to climate change and other enormous challenges. To address the challenges, plenty of goals and targets have been put forward and many initiatives have been established. However, we can probably take almost any one of these goals and show that we are not on track to achieve them1. Despite positive improvements, no country is on track to reach all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Significant progress can only be made through transformational change and without a radical and rapid transformation we will never realize our vision of sustainable and inclusive food systems.

The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) is a collaborative community of over 200 organizations, working to develop an accountability mechanism for business action on the SDGs and to shape the private sector’s contributions to achieving the SDGs. Allies of the WBA  represent organizations working at global, regional, and local levels. Echoing the true spirit of SDG17—Partnerships for the Goals, WBA's allies are committed to its mission, vision, and values, and believe in the power of benchmarks and cross-sector partnerships to drive systemic progress on the SDGs.

The overall purpose of CCAFS is to marshal the science and expertise of CGIAR and partners to catalyze positive change towards climate-smart agriculture (CSA), food systems and landscapes, and position CGIAR to play a major role in bringing to scale practices, technologies and institutions that enable agriculture to meet triple goals of food security, adaptation and mitigation. As a member of the WBA, we look forward to contributing new ideas and collaborating with stakeholders to make sustainable food systems a reality.