National Adaptation Plans and Agriculture: A Learning Workshop

A 2-day workshop leading up to COP19 will synthesize lessons learned from National Adaptation Plan processes by countries from around the world.
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Event Date and time


JM Hotel Warsaw, Poland

The 2-day NAPs and Agriculture workshop sets the stage for 19th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP19) by bringing together representatives from countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America to share their experiences in developing adaptation plans for the agriculture and livestock sectors.

On the 13th and 14th of November from 9 am 5:30 pm, the workshop will serve to synthesize lessons learned and identify future reseasrch and capacity needs for building National Adaptation Plans (NAPs). The workshop comes in the context of the new CCAFS report, "Meta-Synthesis of National Adaptation Plans and Policies: West and East Africa and South Asia," and tests an analytical framework for measuring progress and next step from a country-level perspective.

National-level adaptation and agriculture decision-makers will seek to:

  1. Identify medium- and long-terms adaptation needs and develop and implement strategies and programmes to address those needs.
  2. Help countries to face the challenge of developing agricultural adaptation response measures while iteratively improving medium- to long-term adaptation vulnerability and risk assessments.
  3. Facilitate the integration of climate change adaptation into development and sectoral policies, programmes and activities at various levels.
  4. Assist developing countries to assess the economic impacts of climate risks so as to identify and prioritize appropriate response measures. 

The workshop will synthesize the lessons learned in the NAPs development process by countries from across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Future research needs at both the national and sub-regional levels will be identified to provide a basis for future CCAFS support to national-level NAP processes. 

The results will be compiled and carried into an official COP19 side event on the 15 of November, 20:00-21:45 2013.