CCAFS Launch Featured in New Agriculturist

Farmer in Ghana. Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT).

The latest edition of online development magazine New Agriculturist features an article on the CCAFS launch

The article focuses on the recent Two Degrees Up climate change photofilms, which highlight the impact of a two degree rise in temperature on small farmers in Colombia and Ghana. The case studies were shown during the United Nations COP16 climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico, last month, at the COP16 side event Agriculture and Rural Development Day (ARDD), the COP16 Development and Climate film festival, and at the official launch of the CCAFS research program, also in Cancun. The third in the series of photofilms, from Kenya, has just been released.

Photos from the Colombia and Ghana Two Degrees Up case studies are available on CIAT’s Flickr site.

New Agriculturist also features a selection of comments from participants at ARDD, on the challenge of agriculture in a changing climate in Points of view.

(Blog post adapted from the original announcement from CIAT)