The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) aims at providing a one-stop shop for data and knowledge generated by its research activities.

The program is mandated to produce international public goods that are freely accessible to the public. It has developed a Data Management Strategy for its researchers and partners to enable us to fulfill these obligations with respect to making data (and models/tools) and the relevant supporting documentation from its research activities available to the global community.

The aim of the Data Management Strategy is to support and guide researchers and partners in producing and sharing high quality data outputs, while at the same time enabling a variety of data management procedures and good practices at project level. Much of this process is being guided by the CCAFS Data Management Support Pack. The pack provides resources for researchers to produce well managed, high quality and well documented datasets that are easy to use, both now and into the future.

Various data portals, including Dataverse, Adaptation and Mitigation Knowledge Network, GCM Downscaled Data Portal, AgTrials Database, all serve as entry points for accessing the data that is being produced. A number of other data products are hosted through the CGIAR Centers themselves and not just through the above portals.

These portals have been specifically designed for common types of data where researchers can publish their data. These significantly increase the accessibility and visibility of scientific outputs to the global community.

Key contacts

David Abreu

Hector Tobon
Knowledge and Data Sharing Coordinator
Knowledge and Data Sharing Technical Manager