Checklist: Gender-inclusive actionable agro-advisories

This checklist aims to assist producers and translators in developing agro-advisories (forecast and forecast-based advice) that are gender-inclusive and useful for both men and women farmers. It presents five indicators to determine the actionability of such agro-advisories: – (1) What information is available? – (2) If it is available, is it accessible? – (3) If available and accessible, is it on time? – (4) If available, accessible, and on time, can end-users understand it? – (5) If available, accessible, timely, and understandable, is it useful?
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  • Simelton, Elisabeth
  • Le, Thi Tam



Simelton E, Le TT. 2020. Checklist: Gender-inclusive actionable agro-advisories. Hanoi, Vietnam: World Agroforestry (ICRAF).