The SmartAG partner: CCAFS East Africa Bi-annual Newsletter, January - June 2017

We are pleased to share with you our SmartAg Partner newsletter, highlighting policy engagement and ongoing research from January to June 2017. To celebrate international women’s day, we shared how four women farmers from the Nyando Climate-Smart Villages (CSVs) in Kenya are improving their livelihoods through climate-smart agriculture. CCAFS scientists authored and edited the recently published Special Issue on Climate-Smart Agriculture of the Agriculture for Development journal. The journal features an article about managing climate risks through small ruminants in the Nyando CSVs and our policy engagement processes that focus on integrating climate change and agriculture policies in East Africa. In Tanzania, find out how scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP) and farmers in Lushoto are developing more resilient potato varieties for long and short rainy seasons and with higher yields. A recently released report by CCAFS and partners examined rainfall and temperature changes over the past 35 years in Uganda, as well as farmers’ perception of climate change and how climate change impacted livelihoods. Read more about the findings and the recommendations that could assist with climate change adaptation in the region. In Rwanda, farmers are turning to locally-tailored climate forecasts to help them make farming and investments decisions. Read more on how the Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture (PICSA) approach is building on “Twigire Muhinzi”— a local farmer-to-farmer extension service model— to disseminate climate information. In May, CCAFS East Africa hosted a seminar that explored the state of climate adaptation and mitigation efforts in African agriculture. The seminar created an opportunity for about 65 stakeholders and scientists from CGIAR centers to share knowledge, learn from each other and build synergies on climate change adaptation and mitigation in East Africa. We took this opportunity to launch our booklet highlighting some of the emerging stories of success of climate-smart agriculture technologies and practices that are positively changing the lives of smallholder farmers across East Africa. In the latest CCAFS Annual Report, stories highlight working with scientists, farmers, governments and the private sector to expand knowledge and scale up solutions. The report features initiatives from East Africa, including projects on climate risk management, and partnerships aiming to close the gender gap in African agriculture.

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CCAFS East Africa. 2017. The SmartAG partner: CCAFS East Africa Bi-annual Newsletter, January - June 2017. Wageningen, The Netherlands: CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

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CCAFS East Africa Bi-annual Newsletter;January - June 2017