Transforming food systems under a changing climate in Latin America: A climate policy review

Agriculture is highly vulnerable to climate change, but at the same time, it is the main contributor to climate change Governments have recognized that facing climate change is essential to address a sustainable development pathway, but so far little progress has been achieved Thus there is a need for rapid and transformative actions that tackle climate change impacts while achieving sustainable rural development Nevertheless, the way current policies are addressing actions towards transformative actions is unclear concerning sustainable pathways of food systems in the face of climate change. In this sense, this paper reviews current climate change-related policies of Latin American countries to identify whether they address transformational actions in the agricultural sector or food systems in relation to climate change Research questions include which countries state in their policies transformative actions? Are Latin American national policies in line with their international commitments? In order to answer these questions we used different methods of text analysis applied to the policy framework of Latin American countries to assess the integration level of eight components that Campbell et al 2018 propose in the theory of change to drive the transformation of food systems under climate change

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  • Martínez Barón, Deissy
  • Castellanos, Andrea
  • González, Carlos
  • Le Coq, Jean François




Martínez Barón D, Castellanos A, González C, Le Coq JF. 2019. Transforming food systems under a changing climate in Latin America: A climate policy review. Poster presented at the Global Science Conference for Climate-Smart Agriculture 8-11 October 2019. Bali, Indonesia.