Download Now! Actions to Transform Food Systems under Climate Change
  • Priorities and Policies for CSA
    The Priorities and Policies for CSA Flagship aims to assess how enabling policy environments and priority setting for targeted investment can support the scaling of interventions, contributing to food and nutritional security and poverty reduction under climate change.
  • Climate-Smart Technologies and Practices
    CCAFS research on climate-smart technologies and practices addresses the challenge of how to transition to a climate-smart agriculture (CSA) at a large scale for enabling agricultural systems to be transformed and reoriented to support food security under the new realities of climate change.
  • Low Emissions Development
    CCAFS low emissions development identifies agricultural development options that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sequestration.
  • Climate Services and Safety Nets
    CCAFS research on climate services and safety nets works with a range of organizations to support the development of effective climate information and advisory services for farmers and climate-informed safety net interventions.
  • Gender and Social Inclusion
    The main objective of the Gender and Social Inclusion Flagship is to have a positive impact on social inclusion for rural poor by providing relevant gender analyses across the program.
  • Scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture
    The CCAFS learning platform for scaling CSA aims to bring higher quality solutions to more farmers in the context of climate variability, change and uncertainty. The platform leverages partnerships, capacity enhancement, communications, knowledge management, and sustainable finance to achieve outcomes at scale.