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New Latin America country profiles open pathways for reaching climate-smart agriculture

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Profiles on climate-smart agriculture presented to standing-room-only World Bank audience

Building on prior experience to confront new challenges is a basic precept of ancient folk wisdom, which has informed actions in every sphere of human endeavor throughout history. 

Now, it also serves, logically, as the guiding principle for a novel effort aimed at getting a grip on climate change in the agriculture of Latin America and the Caribbean.

With support from the World Bank, climate experts at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) embarked on this new initiative to help open pathways for reaching climate-smart agriculture or CSA. The joint effort responds to a daunting triple challenge: bolstering food security through sustainable increases in production, while also enhancing agriculture’s resilience in the face of climate change and mitigating future impacts through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. 

“The idea is to help mainstream CSA by raising awareness of its importance among governments and financing institutions, and by identifying specific entry points for action and investment,” said Caitlin Corner-Dolloff, a climate change expert at CIAT and one of the project leaders. 

The first products of this partnership consist of seven country profiles and two sub-national ones, prepared with the active participation of government ministries and agencies as well as representatives of the private sector and civil society. Each profile sets the baseline in CSA for all or part of one of these seven countries: Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Grenada, Mexico, and Peru.

“This work shows many examples of climate-smart agricultural practices and demonstrates that national organizations want to scale them out,” said Bastiaan Louman, who leads research on climate change at CATIE. “Climate change demands immediate action, and the profiles indicate what can be done now to improve the enabling conditions for CSA.” “CSA practices can benefit producers at different scales in both family farming and agribusiness,” added Claudia Bouroncle, a climate change researcher at CATIE and another of the project’s leaders.

The complete set of profiles (available in Spanish and English) was presented this weekto a standing-room-only audience at World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C., USA. Using attractive infographics to convey key messages at a glance, each profile describes the overall context of agriculture and climate change, surveys climate-smart technologies and practices that have already been adopted, explains the institutions and policies in place to advance these options, assesses opportunities for financing them, and presents case studies on especially promising initiatives. 

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Below you will find links to the Latin America Country Profiles and supplementary material.


Climate-Smart Agriculture in Argentina
Supplementary material Argentina
Versión en español

Colombia Climate-Smart Agriculture in Colombia
Supplementary material Colombia

Versión en español
Climate-Smart Agriculture in Costa Rica
Supplementary material Costa Rica

Versión en español
Grenada Climate-Smart Agriculture in Chiapas, Mexico
Supplementary material Chiapas
Versión en español
Climate-Smart Agriculture in El Salvador
Supplementary material El Salvador

Versión en español

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Grenada
Supplementary material Grenada

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Mexico
Supplementary material Mexico
Versión en español
Climate-Smart Agriculture in Nicaragua
Supplementary material Nicaragua
Versión en español
Climate-Smart Agriculture in Peru
Supplementary material Peru
Versión en español

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Sinaloa, Mexico
Supplementary material Sinaloa
Versión en español

2000px-Flag_of_Uruguay.svg.png (2000×1333)

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Uruguay
Versión en español
Supplementary material Uruguay
Material suplementario en español Uruguay

Below you will find links to the Sub-Saharan Africa Country Profiles in and supplementary material.

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Kenya
Supplementary material Kenya

2000px-Flag_of_Uruguay.svg.png (2000×1333)

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Rwanda
Supplementary material Rwanda

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Senegal
Supplementary material Senegal (coming soon)

Below you will find links to the South Asia Country Profiles and supplementary material.

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Sri Lanka
Supplementary material Sri Lanka