Download Now! Actions to Transform Food Systems under Climate Change

Big facts on climate change, agriculture and food security

What impact will a changing climate have on the food we grow and eat? How do our diets contribute to climate change? And how can food and farming be climate-smart?

To get the facts on intricate links between climate change, agriculture, and food security, visit our redesigned Big Facts site. It features more than 100 stunning infographics, which illustrate the most recent and accurate information.

The open-access site is carefully curated, covers all the big issues and references only facts that come from credible sources, and are supported by solid evidence.

Unlike other reports or websites, which might reference peer-reviewed articles, the Big Facts site is itself peer reviewed, adding a critical feedback loop and quality check.

We invite you to download and use the infographics in your reports and presentations, and to contact us if you have more up-to-date data.

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