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X. Fonseca (CIMMYT)
Outcomes & Impacts

Mapping software helps decision makers analyse adaptation options

The ability to use mapping tools to assess opportunities for adapting to climate change in particular areas is important for selecting, prioritizing and implementing best-bet climate-smart agriculture options. Worldwide, the tools developed by CCAFS for analysing alternatives are helping decision makers take action.

CCAFS scientists at Bioversity International, partnering with national agricultural research systems, ministries of agriculture and regional organizations, have boosted the capacity of professionals across the world (see box below) to map agro-ecological regions, farming systems and environments, and to analyse the likely effects of climate change

CCAFS has developed open-source software, using languages such as R, to generate climate maps and crop suitability models, that allow users to combine biophysical, social and economic data to analyse options for adapting to climate change. Software packages, for example, let users map the distribution of a species, downscale global circulation models, analyse rainfall variability in South Asia or locate climate-adapted germplasm. The Bioversity seeds resource box website provides advice on which software to use for a specific purpose

The software packages are now used by a wide range of people, from plant breeders, researchers, gene bank managers, extension agents and policy makers to university lecturers, graduate students and professionals in government, non-government organizations and the private sector.

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