CLIFF-GRADS Science Collaboration Series 2020 - Thematic student session: Integrated Systems

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The 2020 CLIFF-GRADS Science Collaboration Series was developed to facilitate technical capability building, knowledge transfer and international collaboration for the CLIFF-GRADS Alumni. Particularly for the Round 3 CLIFF-GRADS whose research stays have been delayed due to the global Covid-19 Pandemic.

In addition to a series of special sessions with guest speakers, these webinars provide a platform for the Round 3 students to present their PhD research and research questions to their CLIFF-GRADS peers. Through establishing research connections, the CLIFF- GRADS Alumni network can connect internationally and across research institutes.

Thematic Sessions:
Specifically, during a series of thematic sessions, the Round 3 students will have the opportunity to clarify their PhD research questions and/or research direction with their peers. The thematic sessions have been disaggregated into the following agricultural systems: i) integrated, ii) pastoral and agronomy, iii) ruminant, iv) rice and v) soil.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Todd Rosenstock, Climate Change and Environmental Scientist, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF);
Ciniro Costa Junior, CCAFS.

Student Speakers:
Mary Eyeniyeh Ngaiwi, Cameroon;
Abdulhakeem Lawal Ahmad, Nigeria;
Fernanda Leite, Brazil;
Sara Stephanie Valencia Salazar, Colombia.

Learn more about the CLIFF-GRADS Program and Alumni:
(Aug 31, 2020)


Rosenstock T, Costa CJ, Ngaiwi M, Ahmad A, Leite F, Salazar S. 2020. CLIFF-GRADS Science Collaboration Series 2020 - Thematic student session: Integrated Systems, 31 August 2020. Waginengen, The Netherlands: Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA) & CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).