SEEING IS BELIEVING: Using Crop Pictures in Personalized Advisory Services

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• Identifying crop growth stages and improving yield predictions based on smartphone pictures of fields is feasible
and scalable, allowing advisory services to be tailored to
individual farmer needs.
• Personalized remote advisories based on these pictures
(picture-based advisories or PBA) improve farmers’
knowledge of recommended practices.
• Farmers report that such advisories help them reduce risk,
suggesting that bundling picture-based insurance (PBI)
with PBA can improve their adaptive capacity and help to
lower insurance premiums.
• Bundling PBA with PBI also improves farmer engagement
in, satisfaction with, and willingness to pay for the advisories, suggesting strong complementarities between these


Ceballos F, Foster T, Hufkens K; Jadhav A, Kannan S, and Kramer B. 2018. Seeing Is Believing: Using Crop Pictures in Personalized Advisory Services. Project Note. Washington, DC: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).