Tools, maps, models and data

More data, models and tools are housed at the CIAT-GCM page.

The climate-smart agriculture implementer

The rapid pace of climate change, and its impact on global food security, means a greater sense of urgency needs to be applied to putting adaptation and mitigation measures in place. Scientific experts and farmers in Asia face a communication gap which prevents the sustainable scaling out and adoption of climate-smart agricultural technologies and practices. The CSA Implementer is a mobile phone application which uses crowdsourcing to bridge the communication gap between farmers and experts with the aim of fast-tracking CSA adoption. Developed in cooperation with CIAT.

The 5Q approach

Reducing hunger and poverty requires effective strategies but many traditional monitoring and evaluation methods are costly, complicated, rigid, slow, and do not include the opinions of the project beneficiaries. The 5Q approach is simple, adaptable, responsive, effective, and better integrates stakeholders. Project beneficiaries can proactively participate in programs for greater livelihood, health, and environmental gains. Developed in cooperation with CIAT.

CCAFS-MOT: a mitigation options tool for agriculture

The CCAFS-Mitigation Options Tool estimates greenhouse gas emissions from different land uses and considers mitigation practices that are compatible with food production to inform agricultural and climate change decisions.


The IMPACTLite tool helps capture the diversity of farming activities and characterize the main agricultural production systems.

The Ex-Ante Carbon-balance Tool

The Ex-Ante Carbon-balance Tool provides ex-ante estimates of the impact of agriculture and forestry development projects, programs and policies on the carbon-balance.