Big Facts on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security

Food Emissions

Diets containing 1/3 animal products release up to 6.1kg CO2 per person per day via @cgiarclimate


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#DidYouKnow up to 14.5% of global GHG emissions come from livestock? #BigFacts via @cgiarclimate


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What a waste! 1/3 of food lost as it trickles through food supply chain #BigFacts via @cgiarclimate


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Rich countries waste almost as much food as sub-Saharan Africa produces #BigFacts via @cgiarclimate


Vermeulen et al., 2012

Our food system's emissions contribute up to 29% of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions #BigFacts via @cgiarclimate


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Food vs forests? Agriculture causes nearly 75% of global deforestation #BigFacts via @cgiarclimate


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US ethanol demand will require 10.8m new hectares of sugar cane & maize. #BigFacts via @cgiarclimate


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