Kyle is a Research Analyst for the CCAFS Flagship on Low Emissions Development. He was previously a graduate research assistant at the University of Vermont where he received his MS degree in Natural Resources (2019). His MS thesis focused on the potential for best management practices (i.e., conservation tillage, alternative manure application methods/timing and cover cropping) to mitigate nutrient losses via greenhouse gases from agricultural soils without compromising soil fertility or crop yield. Prior to his graduate career, he developed his passion for soils during his BS degree at the University of Central Florida (2016) where he sampled wetlands across the state to better understand how climate change scenarios impact carbon and nitrogen cycling in these ecosystems.

Kyle’s areas of expertise include climate change mitigation, national greenhouse gas inventories, soil biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology. As an early-career scientist, his overarching research and career objective are to work with nature to reduce anthropogenic impacts on the climate system and environment to promote sustainable and ethical development.