Our Research Themes

  • The responses to the challenges posed by climate change will require not only technological changes on the part of many actors but also major behavioural shifts at various levels to help communities

  • CCAFS research on climate-smart technologies and practices addresses the challenge of how to transition to climate-smart agriculture (CSA) at a large scale for enabling agricultural systems to be

  • CCAFS low emissions development aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sequestration in the agriculture sector. Together with our partners, CCAFS produces research to improve

  • CCAFS research on climate services and safety nets works with a range of organizations to support the development of effective climate information and advisory services for farmers and climate

  • Gender equality and social inclusion (including youth) cut across all thematic areas (flagships) of CCAFS’ research – from climate-smart agriculture, to climate risk management, low emissions

  • CCAFS' definition of scaling is constantly evolving. Our current working defintion understands scaling as the set of processes required—in the context of climate variability, climate change and