Andrea Castellanos

Andrea is a Science Officer for CCAFS Latin America (CCAFS LAM). She works with Deissy Matinez, regional leader of CCAFS LAM, supporting different activities in the region that contribute and facilitate the achievement of an impact on public policy. She also helps with the acquisition of funds for CCAFS LAM and promotes the relationship with the different CGIAR Centers in Latin America. Furthermore, she assists with and provides inputs for scientific publications on issues related to climate change, agriculture and food security.

Andrea is an economist from the Pontifical University Javeriana Cali, with special emphasis in the area of ​​business and finance. As a student she worked as a Research Assistant in the areas of Macroeconomics and Applied Economics, where she developed skills on the management and analysis of economic data. She also participated in the initial phase of the construction of the Monthly Indicator of Economic Activity of Valle del Cauca, IMAE and she had the opportunity to attend Stanford University for a Big Data in business course. Before joining CCAFS she worked in the business area of one of the most experienced service companies in the Colombian southwestern region, where from the analysis of data she built a large-scale system in order to evaluate suppliers.