A Compendium of Key Climate Smart Agriculture Practices in Intensive Cereal Based Systems of South Asia

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CSA initially proposed by FAO in 2010 at “The Hague Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (CC)”, to address the need for a strategy to manage agriculture and food systems, under climate change. The CSA by its original proponents describes the three objectives; i) sustainably increasing agricultural productivity to support equitable increases in incomes, food security and development; ii) adapting and building resilience to climate change from the farm to national levels; and iii) developing opportunities to reduce GHG emissions from agriculture compared with past trends. Since then, these three objectives (in short food security, adaptation and mitigation) are designated as the three “pillars” (or criteria) of CSA within the agricultural science and development communities.

Climate Smart (Sustainable Management of Agricultural Resources and Techniques) Agriculture is an approach of crop production, which deals with the management of available agricultural resources with latest management practices and farm machinery, under a particular set of edaphic and environmental conditions. It works to enhance the achievement of national food security and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). CSA is location specific and tailored to fit the agro-ecological and socio-economic conditions of a location. CSA may be defined as “agriculture that sustainably increases productivity, resilience (adaptation), reduces/removes greenhouse gases (mitigation), and enhances achievement of national food security and development goals.” Therefore, if CSA implemented at right time with required resources, techniques and knowledge in a particular typological domain, will lead towards food security while improving adaptive capacity and mitigating potential for sustainable agriculture production.


Jat ML, Jat HS, Agarwal T, Bijarniya D, Kakraliya SK, Choudhary KM, Kalvaniya KC, Gupta N, Kumar M, Singh LK, Kumar Y, Jat RK, Sharma PC, Sidhu HS, Choudhary M, Datta A, Shirsath PB, Ridaura SL. 2020. A Compendium of Key Climate Smart Agriculture Practices in Intensive Cereal Based Systems of South Asia. New Delhi, India: International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT).