Polly Ericksen

Polly Ericksen is a Principal Scientist and Leader of the Livestock Systems and Environment programme at the International Livestock Research Institute.   She has been with ILRI since 2010.  Prior to that she worked at the University of Oxford, Columbia University, Catholic Relief Services and the World Agroforestry Centre.  She holds a BA in history, an M.Sc in Economics and a PhD in Soil Science.  Her research interests are the tradeoffs between food security and climate change adaptation; the institutional and governance dimensions of climate change adaptation; and systems research for food security and resilience in drylands.  

Recent publications include:

Davies, J., L. Robinson, and P. Ericksen.  2015.  Development Process Resilience and Sustainable Development: insights from the Drylands of Eastern Africa. Society and Natural Resources 28(3).  DOI 10.1080 08941920.2014.970734

Robinson, L.W., P.J. Ericksen, S. Chesterman and J. Worden.  2015. Sustainable intensification in drylands:  what resilience and vulnerability can tell us.  Agricultural Systems  135:  133-140.

Thornton, P.K., P.J. Ericksen, M. Herrero and A.J. Challinor.  2014.  Climate variability and vulnerability to climate change:  a review.  Global Change Biology 20(11):  3313-3328 doi 10.1111/gcb.12581