Climate-Smart Agriculture Prioritization Framework

The CSA Prioritization Framework, developed by CCAFS-CIAT, provides a process for targeting investment towards best-bet CSA options in a given context. The Framework does this by identifying existing and promising CSA practices, assessing the tradeoffs between practices using indicators of CSA and analyzing the costs and benefits of these practices, and identifying possible barriers to adoption. This process aims to contribute to optimized national and sub-national planning, promoting a participatory process for the development of CSA investment portfolios.

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  • Corner-Dolloff, Caitlin
  • Jarvis, Andy
  • Loboguerrero Rodriguez, Ana María
  • Lizarazo, Miguel
  • Nowak, Andreea
  • Andrieu, Nadine
  • Howland, Fanny Cecile
  • Smith, C.
  • Maldonado, J.
  • Gómez, J.
  • Bonilla, Osana
  • Rosenstock, Todd S.
  • Martínez Barón, Deissy
  • Girvetz, Evan H.



Corner-Dollof C, Jarvis A, Loboguerrero AM, Lizarazo M, Nowak A, Andrieu N, Howland F, Smith C, Maldonado J, Gomez J, Bonilla O, Rosenstock T, Martinez Baron D, Girvetz E. 2015. Climate-Smart Agriculture Prioritization Framework. Palmira, Colombia.