Key Documents

This page houses key documents related to each of the three phases of CCAFS' operations: from its inception as a Challenge Program, through CCAFS Phase I and the Extension Phase, and into the current Phase II.

To view planning documents and annual reports for each year, visit the Planning and Reporting page.

Phase II: 2017-2022

Extension Phase: 2015-2016

Phase I: 2011-2014 

CCAFS Phase I started in 2011, guided by the CCAFS Program Plan that drove CCAFS research. Below are the key documents outlining CCAFS focus in Phase I.

Challenge Program: 2009-2010

CCAFS began its life as a CGIAR Challenge Program in 2009, before transforming into a CGIAR Research Program. The documents below do not reflect the current program's strategy but are presented here for information purposes.