Ajit Govind

A broadly trained environmental physicist who is interested to study the various biogeochemical and biogeophysical interactions on the Earth’s surface. He was born and raised in Kerala, India. His academic training consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural sciences (TNAU, India, 1998), Master’s degree in Agricultural Physics (IARI, India, 2001) and Doctoral degree in ecohydrological-biogeochemical modeling (University of Toronto, Canada, 2008).

Currently he is working as a Climatologist at ICARDA based in Cairo Egypt. He has worked in areas such as (1) boundary layer meteorology, (2) carbon and water cycles using ecohydrological-biogeochemical modeling, (3) remote sensing of vegetation and (4) environmental physics, in both pristine and agroecosystems in Canada (Canadian Carbon Program, FluxnetCanada), USA (AmeriFlux), France (INRA) and India (University of Kerala). He has developed two spatially-explicit numerical models (BEPS-TerrainLab V2.0 and STEPS) that can simulate terrestrial Carbon, Water, Nitrogen and Energy cycles. Before joining ICARDA he was a senior scientist at the French National Institute of Agricultural Research [INRA] working on the above-mentioned topics in agroecosystems. At ICARDA as a Climatologist he is responsible for climate change and modeling related research activities in the dryland agroecosystems and is involved as a CCAFS contact point.