CCAFS Gender Training and Strategizing Workshop Report

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The CCAFS Gender Training and Strategizing Workshop was designed for National Research Agricultural Systems (NARS), Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) and CGIAR partners working on gender and equity, as part of theme 4.1. The workshop objectives were to:
1. Support the gender research of CCAFS’ public, NGO and CGIAR partners by reviewing research tools available through CCAFS and its partners, and best practices in planning research and identifying tools and partners based on study objectives.
2. Help partners develop and/or improve their organisational gender research strategies.
3. Develop a plan with partners for achieving CCAFS’ gender development outcome targets through
research in the CCAFS regions.
The main theme of the first two days was quantitative and qualitative approaches to research that combines gender and climate change. The focus was on study design and identifying the right research tools and partners, as well as on developing organizational gender research strategies.


Miruka O, Van de Grift E, Kristjanson P, Ferdous N, Jost C. 2013. CCAFS Gender Training and Strategizing Workshop Report. CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). Copenhagen, Denmark